Performer. Director. Choreographer. Improvisor.

Photography by  Kristin Hoebermann


 The show features a group of talented performers, notably Kristin Wetherington (Calamity) and Rosalie Burke (Katie Brown). review of Calamity Jane

Rosalie Burke and Kristin Wetherington. Photo courtesy of Milliron Studios Photography.


The one shining light was the actress that played Stella, Rosalie Burke. Burke managed to humanize not only her character, but everyone she had scene work with. In her songs she made notes, which would normally be prerecorded in The Phantom of the Opera, sound warm and full. Her acting choices were always intelligent and natural. review of The Vanity.

Patch David and Rosalie Burke. Photo courtesy of Nestor Correa.


Far more imaginative and moving is "High Hopes," sung poignantly by Francis Fryer (Jordan Bell), Susan (Alexis Kinney), and Katie (Rosalie Burke) review of Calamity Jane

Rosalie Burke, Alexis Kinney, and Jordan Bell.  Photo courtesy of Milliron Studios Photography